Lost Person Behavior Webinar Course - /w Robert Koester

you're part of a search and rescue or law enforcement team, tasked with finding a missing person, lost in the wilderness or in an urban environment... The clock is ticking.... and every moment counts....

July 4, 2023

1 day

250 euro excluding taxes

"Master Lost Person Behavior in One-Day Webinar |

Emhance International Responder Development with Robert J. Koester: Enhance your search and rescue capabilities with our intensive one-day webinar on Lost Person Behavior. Join Robert J. Koester, a distinguished authority in the field, as he imparts invaluable insights and techniques. Don't miss this exclusive opportunity to elevate your expertise and become a more effective emergency responder. Enroll now with Emhance International!"


In emergency response scenarios, finding a lost person swiftly and efficiently can be a matter of life and death. Understanding the intricacies of Lost Person Behavior is crucial for all emergency responders and search and rescue personnel. That's why we are excited to offer this exclusive one-day webinar, led by the esteemed instructor, Robert J. Koester.

Throughout the course, we will delve deep into the psychology and patterns behind lost individuals, equipping you with invaluable knowledge to enhance your search and rescue capabilities. Robert J. Koester, a renowned expert in Lost Person Behavior, will share his decades of experience and expertise to empower you with practical tools and strategies.

Whether you are a seasoned responder or just beginning your career in emergency services, this webinar is designed to elevate your skills and sharpen your instincts. Join us as we unlock the secrets behind lost person behaviors and provide you with the confidence and expertise needed to handle challenging situations effectively.

Don't miss this exclusive opportunity to learn from the best and become a more proficient responder. Enroll now and be a part of Emhance International's commitment to empowering heroes in their mission to save lives. Let's make a difference together!

International Educational Standards: 

The course is designed to meet the requirements of the International Association for

Continuing Education & Training (IACET) standardm(ANSI/IACET 1-2007 Standard)

For who is this course the best?


Search and Rescue (SAR) Management

Search and Rescue (SAR) Field personnel

Law Enforcement personnel

First Responders


Public Safety Officials

Public Safety Responders

Parks and Recreations participants

Education and Academic participants

About the instructor

Robert J. Koester is a distinguished instructor with a wealth of experience in search and rescue. Since 1981, he has been an active participant in hundreds of searches, serving as Incident Commander in over a hundred cases. Currently a Search Mission Coordinator with the Virginia Department of Emergency Management (VDEM), he holds a PhD in search theory from the University of Portsmouth, as well as an MS and BA from the University of Virginia.

As a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and recipient of the Lisa Hannon award, Robert's contributions to search and rescue are groundbreaking. His research on search theory and lost person behavior has been pivotal in the field, and he is the creator of the International Search and Rescue Incident Database (ISRID). He has also conducted seminal research on the dementia profile.

With a vast repertoire of experiences, Robert has worked for various organizations, including the USCG, NASA, NPS, FEMA, and SAR Institute of New Zealand. He has developed SAR software and courses, and his expertise extends to survivability algorithms, weather impact on subject behavior, and integration of cell phone forensics into probability models.

As the CEO of dbS Productions, he provides research, software, publications, and training services. A visiting researcher at the University of Portsmouth, Robert enjoys mentoring graduate students. He is the author of numerous books and research articles on search and rescue and is currently a co-editor of the Journal of Search and Rescue.

His influence is global, with presentations and teaching engagements on all seven continents. Robert's insights have been featured in prominent media outlets such as NPR, NBC News, Wired, Washington Post, Scientific American, and more.


This course is not intended to replace or be in lieu of any search management

course. While it provides effective tools to aid in determining where to look and

provides initial tactics, several critical search management concepts and theory are

not addressed in this training. The actual methods to task teams using the correct

tactics are not covered. In addition, critical concepts not addressed include but are

not limited to; pre-planning, SAR resources, resource management, management

systems, legal issues, risk assessment, search urgency, strategy, formal search

theory, consensus methods, clue management, incident action plans,

documentation, search suspension, etc.

wat kan je na deze cursus?

Upon successfully completing this course, the participants will be able to:

• Describe key developments in the field of lost person behavior. (Unit 1)

• Describe how the ISRID database is organized to best predict behavior. (Unit


• Demonstrate the ability to determine correct subject category given an actual

incident scenario. (Unit 2)

• Judge different methods to combine different subject categories. (Unit 2)

• Explain different causes of becoming lost and different strategies lost persons

attempt. (Unit 3)

• Demonstrate ability to identify decision points given a map and a lost person

scenario. (Unit 3).

• Describe key components and common misconceptions of lost person

behavior. (Unit 4)

• Use the correct statistical summary data from the ISRID database to best

model a subject’s possible location and survivability. (Unit 5)

• Demonstrate the use of reflex tasking to generate initial tasks given a map

and a scenario. (Unit 6)

• Describe key points for each subject category profile. (Unit 7)

• Demonstrate the ability to deploy resources appropriate for each subject

category given a map and scenario information. (Unit 7).

Wat is inbegrepen?

  • Recorded webinar viewable in your own OnlinenEmhance Academy
  • Online course
  • Certification after Emhance & Evaluation

The course is designed to meet the requirements of the International Association for

Continuing Education & Training (IACET) standard

(ANSI/IACET 1-2007


The one-day class will award 0.7 CEU



1 day








1 day




250 euro excluding taxes

per persoon


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